Unlock It! Number Match (Numbers 1-20 Kit) (03279)
Distributor Lakeshore Learning Materials (LAKESH)
Producer Lakeshore Learning Materials (LAKESH)
Audience Primary (K-2) (P)
Synopsis The items in this kit help students recognize and count numbers 1 to 20. Students simply choose a numbered key and match it to the corresponding number of stars and/or written number on the lock. Whey they make a successful match, the key will turn and the lock will open for instant reinforcement. Targets standards in these areas: Understanding the relationship between number and quantities; counting and using one to one correspondence. Contains 20 locks (3" tall) and 20 keys (3"), plus an activity guide.
Subjects MATHEMATICS - Arithmetic
Models, Kits, Hands-On Resources GHAEA Head Office, 3 copies

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